NRG Capital Partners is committed to providing high quality advice and transaction solutions

Our understanding of the industries where we operate enables us to engage with clients during all stages of the life cycle from discovery through to maturity, and our in-house technical and operational advisory capability provides the skillset needed to optimise the potential returns of a project and / or the value of a producing asset. This, combined with our global network and A&D experience, enables us to deliver high quality advice with regard to financing solutions, joint ventures, asset divestments, the appraisal of investment opportunities and acquisitions.

Strategic advice / determination of the appropriate transaction(s)
Technical advice focused on optimising the project / field development
Operational advice focused on performance improvement
Design and execution of asset / field divestitures and joint ventures
Investment opportunity appraisal and acquisition advisory
Delivery of venture / growth capital
Development of holistic equity, debt and structured financing solutions, and preparation for IPO
Debt advisory, debt re-structuring and liability management